Protect your Assets with a Free-Span Shelter

Protect your people
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Protect your equipment
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Protect your stock and site supplies
icon-increase worker health & safety

Increase worker health & safety

icon-Prevent machinery from overheating

Prevent machinery from overheating

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Reduce burn risks

icon-Increase productivity with a cooler working environment

Increase productivity with a cooler working environment

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Save energy

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Why Allshelter?

Large, conventional steel structures aren’t always the right solution; they’re often an expensive investment, require maintenance and they’re a very permanent structure (not ideal if your project is short-term).  What about a shelter or shed solution that is engineered to be permanent, but designed to be relocatable?

Allshelter offers the perfect alternative – Free-Span Shelters that are durable and versatile and can quickly be erected by on-site labourers on virtually any type of surface.

The Free-Span Shelters are the ‘big beasts’ of the Allshelter product range. There’s really no limit to the span, height or length of these shelters. The traditional curved profile has incredible strength, and the high profile of the shelter gives superior height clearance.

Allshelter Free-Span Shelters are an excellent alternative to conventional steel structures. 


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Investment Certainty

We understand our customers want investment certainty – including durability, longevity, safety assurance and efficiency.

Outstanding Design

Engineered to be permanent and designed to be relocatable.

Saves Time

Constructed in a fraction of the time of conventional buildings.

Free-Span Shelters are relocatable, so you can move them from site to site.

This is one of the reasons why S&L Steel trusted Allshelter for an alternative to a traditional metal shed.

See what Michael & Javier have to say:


S&L Video Testimonial - Final


The difference between conventional steel structures vs Free-Span Shelters

To find out the difference between conventional steel sheds vs a Free-Span Shelter, download our comparison guide.


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Why do you need a Free-Span Shelter?


Temporary shelter to facilitate construction


Tyre change area


Warehousing and bulk storage


Stockpiling & soil remediation


Odour & dust enclosures


Shed extension

Case Studies


S&L Steel were looking for a mobile workshop solution to be able to assemble a pedestrian cycleway bridge on site. S&L engaged Allshelter to come up with a solution that would facilitate construction of the bridge but could be relocated when the project was finished.

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Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto were looking for a shelter solution to cover their tyre change area used for large mining equipment including dump trucks and loaders. Protecting workers from the weather was also important. Rio Tinto needed something that could fit over the existing concrete slab.

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Talison Lithium

Talison Lithium were looking for a solution to cover the lithium stockpiles. They needed to create a barrier from the wind and also needed to protect the stockpiles from rain. The project had to be completed without disrupting the regular production of the operations.

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Optional Accessories






Personnel door access




Lighting (ideal for night operations)

Hear about the Rio Tinto project below:

Hear from our Satisfied Clients

“The large fabric shelter built by Allshelter is exactly what we were looking for. It provides the protection we needed, while maximising the space we had available. The structure is extremely resilient to all different weather conditions keeping us cool and dry. By using the existing concrete slab, Allshelter saved us the cost of laying a new foundation. They (Allshelter) assessed what we needed then worked with us to create the best solution for our project, they were able to provide all the services from the design to the construction. We would have no problem recommending Allshelter to anyone seeking a quality product backed by superb customer service and timely delivery.”

Lisa Williamson | Superintendent MEM Workshop | Rio Tinto

“The shelter is covering this bridge that we’re building, and we needed this cover because we cannot have any delays with this job. We were a bit concerned on the fabric choice because we were going to be doing welding, grinding – a lot of sparks and things like that. But after about 6 months of it (the shelter) being here we haven’t had any issue with the fabric at all. We’ve actually put lighting inside the shed, however it hasn’t even been turned on yet, because we don’t need it! I definitely would recommend Allshelter for anyone who is looking for a shelter or shed, a temporary shelter, a permanent shelter, whatever. If we have another job like this on site, I definitely would go back to Allshelter to get another shed.”

Javier Lorenzo | Director | S&L Steel



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